Wedding Shoot Tips – The Ideal Scene For A Wedding Shoot

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

My absolute favourite is the "walking" shot

Our job as wedding photographers is to meticulously capture a day. Most people look back through their wedding albums remembering every detail vividly. One of the best ways of triggering these types of memories when they’re reflecting back, is to capture unique wedding poses in distinctive backdrops. While most of you may take this as a given, sometimes the best moments captured are the ones that aren’t staged. As a result, we should be on the hunt for the perfect shot after familiarising ourselves with the perfect poses and wait for them to occur naturally in the setting we have chosen.

Finding the ideal scene for a wedding shoot

As a rule of thumb, the most important people you need to capture throughout are the bride and groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, the immediate family and close friends. Most importantly, you need to find out their story. If they have parents there on the day ask them about their wedding day and what it was like. Every photo needs to tell a story, even if it’s one that will bring back a memory for someone else that wasn’t captured on that day. Perhaps capturing the moment their parents get up to slow dance might bring them back to their wedding day. Pay attention to what they say and see if any of those moments resurface while you’re there and try to capture them.

The perfect wedding poses – capturing the special moment

There will be many of these moments that will occur throughout the day, but it’s the unexpected moment when nobody is watching that you need to capture. Granted, this might be taken one or two ways so let me elaborate before you get any wrong ideas. The audience always waits for the kiss and the speech and these staged moments. However, when everyone else is left to their own devices and the attention is off the bride and groom, then you need to keep an eye and capture these unexpected moments of the newlyweds. like the one featured below.

Here Rosie and Jimi steal a tender moment whilst the register is being signed.

Poses no one will forget on your wedding anniversary

"Where the hell are your hands" !!

The most important moments that no one ever forgets are the moments that make you laugh. Whether they’re planned to entertain an audience or completely spontaneous, these are the moments that make the day. However, as a photographer some of these moments are hard to capture. As a result, it’s important that you mingle with people so they get to know your sense of humour. If these moments occur, and you capture them and they won’t be offended. At least this way they’ll understand that you’re not capturing their misfortune.

To conclude, it’s important to find the story behind the poses so that when they look back they’ll remember more clearly. Above all else capture the moments that made them laugh and made them cry. Remember, life imitates art and no one plans the unexpected moments so be prepared as all great photographers are.

It was fantastic to be the Wedding Photographer for all the wonderful couples featured here.

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