Ashley's Surprise Birthday party

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Review for my photography. "Outstanding photography. Mike really captures the essence and emotion of the event. The portfolio is backup by a truly inspirational narrative showing Mike really takes an interest in the customer’s story. We are so thrilled to have such a wonderful reminder of a wonderful evening - thank you Mike" x Emily Jane Bailey. It's that time of year again . . . .

Birthday's, that annual event that fills us with delight and anticipation. Depending on your point of view it can be a double-edged sword.

A quiet drink with a few friends down the pub, a meal at your favourite restaurant.  Perhaps take in a show or visit the sights. A quiet night in with your other half watching the telly?

Or maybe, just maybe fall victim to all your wonderful friends planning a hell of a surprise for you. That's what happened to Ashley on her 30th on a very wet night in High Wycombe.

OK then just a quick one

Ashley is a former work colleague of my other half at one of the premier estate agents based in High Wycombe.

It was decided by two close friends Caroline and Emily that this "milestone" should not simply slip by unnoticed. They took it upon themselves to throw a surprise party at a local "microbrewery".

Behind the scenes, various people were busy preparing the celebrations.

You've done what? The day arrived. It was a very wet soggy affair as we made our way down to the venue. We were met with people already there putting last-minute touches to the decor.

Guests were now arriving. I had all my camera settings dialled in.  As one of the premier portrait wedding photographers Buckinghamshire has to offer I gladly agreed to cover the event.

I met Caroline and Emily, the two lovely people who had orchestrated the proceedings.

The DJ was set up, the lights were being tested as was the smoke machine, it all looked very impressive!

The premise was that Emily's husband (our DJ for the evening) had left his wallet at home. Emily and Caroline went to collect Ashley who was under the impression she was going out for a meal with some close friends. Emily suggested they drop the wallet in at the venue where he was playing.

The hour was nearly upon us the venue was buzzing with excitement. A great turnout despite the rain, which by now had reached biblical proportions outside.

What the hell! . .

The car pulled up and the occupants headed for the doorway. Coats and hoods were pulled tightly to shield from the elements (that really helped in a strange sort of way).

Caroline led the way and ushered Ashley into the venue. Upon hearing the shouts of SURPRISE!! she stood there absolutely in a state of utter shock and bewilderment.

Then it dawned on her . . .

This was no quiet little drink on a wet and soggy night in High Wycombe!!

The game was up. After getting over the initial shock Ashley regained her composure and set about thanking all the guests . . personally.

The whole evening was just amazing, music was spot on and the atmosphere couldn't have been any better.

All in all the whole event was brilliant. I personally was in my element happy to shoot away all night, recording what must have been a birthday party she wouldn't be forgetting for a very long time.

Happy Birthday Ashley!

It was fantastic to be the portrait wedding Photographers Buckinghamshire photographer for Ashley's surprise birthday party featured on this blog.

I'm very proud of the images I created here and I hope you like them too. Are you looking for a portrait Wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire or

elsewhere in the UK?

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