Stately House Wedding

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Beaumanor Hall Leicestershire Resting on the edge of Charnwood forest near Loughborough. This impressive stately home provided an amazing backdrop for the wedding of Sarah & Gareth.

First impressions Arriving early I drove up the very long driveway that meandered through the grounds. The estate was shrouded in trees on what was a fairly overcast morning with a promise of sunshine later on. I introduced myself to the receptionist who then took me to the rooms where Sarah was in the midst of preparing for her big day. After meeting her entourage I set about photographing the room. Very spacious and the decor was lovely. Adding a touch of old world splendour to the setting. Thankfully, well lit with beautiful soft light . . . . perfect!

As a wedding photographer I love to capture all the detail shots. They are important pieces of the story that make up the day. The hour draws near Time has a habit of slipping by unnoticed especially on weddings. Sarah was now almost ready to make that long walk to the altar. Just enough time for me to shoot the bride portraits. One of the things I love as a wedding photographer, is photographing the bride looking her absolute best. I almost always go for a soft light shot in front of a window. This is by far the very best location for a shot such as this.

You have bought the rings . . .haven't you? With all the getting ready shots completed I rush downstairs to find the groom and the best man. Gareth was looking very much the part and surprisingly calm and collected. Most of the guests had now arrived and were busy catching up. The sun continued to shine and the day promised to be every bit as grand as the building itself.

Gareth and the groomsman in their best "Reservoir Dogs" pose The staff were super helpful, polite, cheerful and very professional. Nothing was too much trouble and they went out of their way to ensure the days proceedings went as planned. Ladies and Gentlemen please take your seats The room where the ceremony was to take place was absolutely bathed in gorgeous sunlight. I had a really good vantage point ensuring I captured all the service and important bits. Occasionally I'm directed to stand in one place and to refrain from moving around so as not to disrupt the ceremony. Not today!

The service was so lovely I found myself getting caught up in it all. I did capture some really nice close ups of the emotions that were quite abundant in the room.

Its "Hammer time" Once the ceremony was over and Sarah and Gareth were now officially married it was outside to take all the formals and do all the shots they had specifically requested. A nice touch was a "Guard of Honour" made up of the members of the real ale society that they both belonged to.

I give you the newlyweds Mr & Mrs Bowman I had absolutely no problem finding a nice location for the bridal photos. Not only is the building itself a sight to behold, the grounds are also magnificent.

He did what!!

Once the session was over we headed indoors for the reception and the prelude to the evenings entertainment. The food was just amazing the staff, once again very efficient and super friendly. The speeches were hilarious. Ian, Gareth's best man proving to be quite the entertainer had us all in stitches. Regaling us with anecdotes that were quite revealing and a real counterpoint to Gareth's outward demeanour. Needless to say the whole day was just amazing, I often found myself just revelling in the festivities and enjoying being in my element.

The end of a perfect day Well the time just went by so quickly the whole day had been a real joy. I was so pleased with all that I had achieved for Sarah and Gareth, now it was time to say goodbye. This is sometimes quite hard and the emotions can creep up on you and take you by surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed my day out at Beaumanor Hall and I will look back with fondness at the days events.

It was fantastic to be the Wedding Photographer for Sarah and Gareth featured on this blog.

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