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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Its all just pressing a button . . . right? A friend of mine once asked me what I charged to photograph a wedding. He was taken aback when I told him "what!! That much for just turning up and pressing a button”

A common misconception held by many believe that this all a wedding photographer does. When I started photographing weddings I soon found that this is simply not the case. Different scenarios require great in depth knowledge of how your camera works.

One of my staple shots that I always do with my couples is the "walking shot"

Moments like this are easily missed. Here the happy couple are wrapped up in themselves, whilst other formalities are going on . . .

Another "must have " image is the confetti line . . . always makes for a great energy shot! So you want to be a wedding photographer?

Deciding to become a Wedding photographer takes a fairly large commitment not to mention a hefty chunk of your salary! To begin with you have to buy the best camera you can afford and then buy a backup in case it fails. I bought most of my initial equipment from reputable people like MPB Then there is practice and mastery of your camera so that all the settings for any given situation become second nature.

Get to know all your equipment inside out

I practised for about 2 years every weekend. Sometimes taking the camera into work to nail a particular problem. I would enlist the help of friends and eventually hiring up and coming models from casting websites such as Starnow and "Purpleport" These models would pose and help me to develop a style, allowing me to build a portfolio of images. I went from shooting everything on "auto" to finally shooting in "manual" having complete control over everything I do. Believe me this did not happen overnight it took a few years.

I really love photographing weddings it truly is a magical, emotional and extremely satisfying experience. To be entrusted with the responsibility of recording such an event is not something to be taken lightly. What do you mean you didn't get it? There are no second chances, you can’t back up and request another go - it’s a one shot take and a one shot deal with career destroying consequences if you get it wrong.

To be able to handle this is something that takes time, experience and a particular mindset. This is a one-off event and is the most important day in that couple’s life. It probably cost an arm and a leg, and you need to be able to think on your feet. Solving problems, keeping calm and doing the job you have been paid to do. Eventually delivering a set of photographs that will probably be viewed over the next three generations. (Mm no pressure then!) Will the real "Uncle Bob" please stand up

There are thousands of wedding photographers in the UK. Some are professionals who have been at it for years. Many are people who simply own a digital camera and think they have what it takes to be a wedding photographer. What do you mean I can't just use my phone camera?

It’s not just about taking photographs. There is marketing, the business side of it all and then there is the investment. I personally have three pro-spec cameras and about four grands worth of lenses These are specialist items allowing me to work above and beyond the scope of a kit lens. Like the one that came with your basic low end consumer camera.  But I only have a basic camera with a kit lens . . that will do . . won't it ?

Along with my top flight pro spec cameras and top of the range lenses, I also have lighting equipment, cases, computers, laptops, flashguns, light meters, tripods, stands and I know all of this equipment inside out.  Not forgetting a decent website . . . . . and its maintenance . . . . oh yes and I forgot to mention, there is all the editing software you know how to do all that . . . right? I have insurance, an online gallery and I have to constantly keep updating. trying out new ideas to get those "wow" shots. Staying one step ahead of my peers in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Littered with an abundance of choice that is daunting to say the least for any prospective bride, searching for her perfect photographer. Honestly I do have to laugh when I get told "sorry we have decided to go with a friend . . he has a digital camera".

So there you have it, there is a lot more to being a wedding photographer. If you are serious and willing to invest money and a whole chunk of your spare time you will eventually succeed. It is, despite the pitfalls a very rewarding and satisfying career. I am sure you will agree it’s a lot more than just turning up and clicking a few shots!

It was fantastic to be the Wedding Photographer for all the wonderful brides featured on this blog.

I'm very proud of the images I created here and I hope you like them too. Are you looking for a Wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire or elsewhere in the UK?

If so and you would like to know more about my services please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to discuss your requirements and of course, hear all about your plans.

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