Bridal preparations.

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

As a wedding photographer, one of my favourite segments to photograph without a doubt, is the bridal party preparations. This sets the story in motion and gives us an intimate picture of her inner sanctum. On this, the most exciting day of her life! This is the first chapter of the day. Its the job of a reportage wedding photographer to gather all the pieces of the story, that go together to paint a picture of the proceedings.

And so it begins . . .

Its organised chaos . . . Or at least that's what it looks like! You have professional make-up artists and hairdressers booked, the bouquets of flowers will be arriving shortly. Your friends are dropping by to say hello, there is a constant stream of activity amidst moments of exhilaration and panic. Mum and Dad are there in the background making sure it all runs smoothly. Don't worry and don't stress. You have made sure that you are surrounded by people who are there for you. This is the time to sit back and take it all in.

Very soon you will be walking down that aisle . . . .

Its your day so enjoy the pampering . . . Believe me, this day you have waited for so long will just fly by so quickly. Take your time to relax and just soak it all up. Hang up your dress . . .

I love to photograph the wedding dress. Finding a nice spot to hang it can sometimes be a challenge, but you will love and appreciate the effort gone into arranging this. Its all in the detail . . . There are many elements that collectively make up a wedding that all add to the story of the day. I make a point to capture all the small details such as shoes, jewellery, flowers and clothes.

The bridal party

Its your big day and you are centre stage, but you have all the bridesmaids there to help you on this momentous occasion. I have lots of fun capturing all the interactions and moments during this time.

There are lots of candid moments to shoot during this segment of the day. I do pay lots of attention to all the bridesmaids, they are invaluable and usually lots of fun!

Lets not forget the groom . . .

After the bridal party are all but ready, its time to head down to the venue to find the groom and his best man. Lots of details here to be photographed that also add to this chapter of the day's story.

It was fantastic to be the Wedding Photographer for all the wonderful brides featured here. I'm very proud of the images I created and I hope you like them too. Are you looking for a Wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire or elsewhere in the UK?

If so and you would like to know more about my services please don’t hesitate to contact me . I would love to discuss your requirements and of course, hear all about your plans.

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