Autumnal Portrait photography shoot

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

There may be four season's but Autumn has to be my absolute favourite. As a portrait photographer, I couldn't wish for a better backdrop to my images. Summer is fading, the year is drawing to a close, winter is just around the corner.

Lucky for us Mother Nature has one last hurrah!

The tapestry of colours during this time of year is absolutely amazing. So many photographers - myself included - brave the nip in the air, to get out and capture this truly wondrous, albeit brief spectacle.

Having been recently signed to an agency the lovely Jemma contacted me requesting a portrait photographer for her actress profile and social media accounts.

Err no you can't wear that little black dress

After chatting on the phone to sort out the details, we agreed on the brief and arranged to meet up. As I do with all my engagement couples or portrait clients, I advised her on some clothing choices that would be beneficial to the shoot.

The day arrived and I set out early on a nippy but beautiful Sunday morning, for the village of Pinchbeck in Lincolnshire. During the ride up I was just taking in the landscape and marvelling at this breathtaking panorama of colour.

Vivaldi would've loved this

Before I decided to become a Portrait photographer I had for a while been interested in shooting landscapes and I just couldn't resist stopping to shoot a few frames.

Picturesque, amidst the sprawling fens and distant horizons and nestling on the banks of the River Welland. Pinchbeck is full of history and has lots of amazing locations for photography.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

(Albert Camus)

No sugar in mine thanks!

Upon my arrival, I was greeted with a huge welcoming smile and a nice cuppa, most welcome after a two-hour motorcycle ride!

We chatted for a while about the kind of look she wanted. Luckily we did have some Portrait Photography examples provided by the agency.

After this conversation, we headed outside. To my delight the harsh sun now had been replaced with an overcast sky, making my job so much easier.

Looking for the right backgrounds

We walked around the local area and found some nice locations. As a portrait photographer, you do need to pay attention to not only your subject but also the environment you are shooting in. The backgrounds had to be quite plain, nothing too busy or distracting. I opted to take my Canon 50ml 1-4 and my incredible Canon 135 F2 prime lenses as these are perfect for a Portrait Photographer.

We found a lovely wooden bridge, a plain white wall, a nice brick wall and the bank of a small stream. Lots of joggers, cyclists, walkers and excitable dogs to keep us company.

Sunday morning obviously is the time to get out and about in this sleepy little village.

I'm ready for my close up Mr Demille . . .

The weather was just perfect (for once) we were soon relaxing, getting creative and warming to the shoot. Jemma was extremely easy to work with and very open to suggestions regarding the posing.

What the hell is an F stop?

As a Portrait Photographer, I always interact with whoever I'm shooting with, and tell them what I'm doing with the camera. It's nice to strike up a dialogue and it keeps the shoot interesting. I do think it's important to make your subject feel a part of what is going on.

It can't be easy having a stranger pointing a camera at you for three hours solid.

Experience has taught me how to make all my clients feel at ease. As a portrait photographer, this is just one hat out of many that you need to learn how to wear.

We mixed it up a bit to include some natural shots. More importantly, we were enjoying the day and having lots of fun. Once I understand what is required its fairly easy from there on in for me.

All in all, we were very happy with our shoot. I captured some really nice images for Jemma and she was really pleased with the final results.

Read Jemma's blog here.

It was fantastic to be the Portrait photographer for Jemma's headshot session featured on this blog.

I'm very proud of the images I created here and I hope you like them too.

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