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"What an absolutely lovely day was had on Sunday, I really loved the shoot. Wow!
Mike was brilliant, he gave awesome direction on how to achieve the best shots possible, and the photos are out of this world!

Thank you Mike once again."

Jemma Blythe


       I like meeting new and interesting people.

As one of the premier portrait wedding photographers Buckinghamshire has to offer I have to admit to finding people, fascinating. 

Some are complex, most are genuine and all are definitely interesting. 
If I were to describe myself I would have to admit to being a "people person".

When looking through a lens I aim to bring out the qualities that make that person shine. As a photographer I record in an instant that moment in time for posterity.

My sessions are very informal and super relaxed. I can start when you like and finish when we have the images that you are happy with. There is no time limit and there is absolutely no rush. I love being behind a lens, I enjoy being creative.

Lets be honest it can be quite daunting to have a stranger point a camera at you for hours on end. Most people are quite nervous even apprehensive at having their photograph taken.

Don't worry this is perfectly normal, I can assure you we will be laughing and joking in no time at all.

Say "cheese"


Part of my job as a photographer is helping to put people at ease.
Many of my previous clients have commented on my people skills and I take pride in being able to quickly establish an element of trust.

Our session will start with an informal chat over coffee, I will ask about your day, get some history, and just settle in to the session and get to know you.

I always take time before a session to do this as it is important to create an atmosphere of creativity but above all it should be fun.


Don't worry I've done this before.

Using my expertise I can help you with clothing advice, what to wear and what not to wear. 
I can help you with some very easy poses. Nothing complicated, very simple and natural looking. Guaranteed to achieve the best angles for the most flattering looks.

Primarily I am a
"natural light" photographer. I love to use the environment and the available light in the great outdoors.

Its behind you . . 

Looking for and using great backdrops to complete my compositions, is part of my workflow process.
However I do employ flash photography this will add another dimension to your images.

I am more than happy to travel to you bringing a portable studio that is easily set-up in your home, or in another location of your choosing.


It can be quite daunting when you’re searching for a photographer.
To that end I make my portrait wedding photographers UK packages and pricing easy to understand. They are completely transparent with no hidden charges further down the line.

Don't take my word for it read all my reviews from lots of happy satisfied clients  - here


Portrait Wedding Photographers UK                                Portfolio.

Whatever your requirements whatever your budget. Here at  portrait wedding photographers UK.
I have the perfect package that will ensure your day, will be a day to remember.

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Mike Reynolds