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"Mike is an excellent photographer and proved to be a super addition to our wedding.
He is very friendly and made posing for photos easy and natural. The addition of the pre-wedding meeting and photo shoot, meant that on the actual day of our wedding we had already met him. This made the whole process much less intimidating.
Both our pre-wedding and our wedding day photos were all excellent and captured our day beautifully".

                                                                                            Sarah & Gareth 


Knowing the running order of the ceremony means I am always one step ahead of everyone in order to get shots like this. Confetti lines are a firm favourite for me.

Another favourite of mine is the "Walking" shot. Shooting naturally and from a distance I capture the emotions of the newly married couple as they reflect in the moment and take a breather from the days events so far.

There are so many opportunities. So many moments of affection that often slip by unnoticed. Sometimes you do just get lucky. Here the bride was just about to make her entrance escorted by her parents. The last minute alterations to the train by her mother as she was holding onto her fathers arm. I just noticed the waves of expression on her face.

I love this shot. The bride was making her entrance when suddenly this little boy shouted and waved to her, producing this moment between them.

As they were walking towards the reception the bride looked back and realised I was shooting, her expression say's it all. I caught this cute flower girl peering out of the doorway on her tiptoes looking intently outside I literally had seconds to capture this moment but so glad I did as it is quite endearing.

Lets face it kids at a wedding are cute! This little flower girl was doing her best to upstage the bride. I managed to capture this tender little moment with her mum. The little boy was very curious about the camera. I managed to shoot this image of him just before he realised I was looking and scampered away to rejoin the fun.

Towards the end of the groups, family and friends photographs on this massive wedding in Birmingham. It was decided on the spur of the moment, to have some fun. Someone suggested it might be a good idea to lift the bride up. The moment she realised she had six pairs of hands all over her produced this fantastic expression.

Once again the "walking shot" delivers some real tender moments. 

As a reportage photographer I am always on the lookout for those extraordinary shots. Here Rosie and Jimi steal a tender moment whilst the guests sign the book.
She just reached over and pulled him into this kiss. They are totally wrapped up in each other completely oblivious to all that was going on around them.
For a second, the outside world did not exist. I just managed to catch this moment which was gone in an instant.

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Wedding photography Services in UK.

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