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"Your image is my business"

"A big thank you to Mike our Corporate Headshot photographer who co-ordinated and expertly delivered quality images for our company website.

Fantastic communication throughout and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the days shoot. We managed to shoot everything we needed in good time and we are all chuffed with the overall results"

Highly recommended top job.

Andrew Pullen Tinware Direct Bedfordshire

"I specialise in delivering premium quality content, streamlined delivery times plus a competitive pricing structure".

Looking to update your company's image or simply to refresh existing photography on your website, information literature or social media?

Here at corporate headshots photography service UK I understand the impact and the importance of good quality photographs. In today's ever changing marketplace personality and image are

I can create an image that is exactly right for your personal brand, stylish, contemporary or classic.

From small business, organizations, cottage industries to established companies. I can cater for large or small groups as well as individuals.

My photographic services will fulfil all your requirements.


 My corporate photography has taken me to many different places and environments.

Some of my previous clients include;

Kew Green Hotels Group
Holiday Inn Hotel Group

Tinware Direct
Malcome Rudge Accountancy

 Formal or Informal?

The question I get asked most is "what should I wear" There is no hard and fast rule on this one. 
Some companies are still rooted in the traditional formal workplace attire, whilst others are open to some form of variation.
Many organisations are now opting for a variety of images reflecting the individual personalities of its employees.
Alongside the traditional suit and tie you may find a more "casual" image, taken in a more "relaxed" setting.

I always tell my clients to bring at least one change of clothing.
Opting for the traditional suit and complementing this with a casual shirt, jacket, trousers or jeans.
As with my engagement and portrait clients I do offer advice on what type of clothing is suitable, for shoots such as this and the generic principles do apply here. 

For a more "casual" and relaxed look I advise observing these simple guidelines;

No checks

Its always best to keep the colours fairly muted, avoiding "loud" hues such as; yellows, pinks and orange. 
I find that neutral colours such as; shades of browns, blues, plus black, white and greys work best overall.

Having different clothing allows us to "mix & match" to represent the kind of image you require, while at the same time keeping comfortable.


A portrait is a portrait whatever the setting.

Creating head shots for business clients in the corporate sector is exactly the same as creating any other type of portrait. A bride on her wedding day, an actor looking to upgrade his CV, a professional wanting social media images or an individual wanting photographs to place on a dating website.
Whichever way you look at it they are all headshots.

The only thing that sets them apart from the coprporate sector is the addition of formal attire.

Backgrounds are equally important to your final image.

Your image is closely tied in with your company's brand.  
I can shoot images on the shop floor, the meeting room, the foyer or the boardroom. I can cater for the top level CEO right down to the guy who drives your delivery van and everyone in between.

Depending on the image you would like to portray, we can employ a number of different backgrounds to suit your particular needs. 
My kit does include a number of portable backdrops that can be utilised in a fairly small space. We could also use your actual workplace environment, or if the weather permits head outdoors.

Here are some examples of the various backdrops you may choose from.


Dark coloured


Workplace environment


Whatever ensemble you choose to wear casual or the more traditional, there is always the desire to create fresh looking portraits. Most of the companies I shoot for, do in fact request more casual business type portraiture. 

 Corporate workplace photography.

Adding environmental images of the workplace to your company website, gives your clients a feel for your business. 
Corporate headshot photographers in UK, can supply you with images from in and around your workplace environment, as part of your photography package.

This type of photography is really my forte. Being one of the premier portrait wedding photographers Buckinghamshire has to offer, I am used to picking out moments and nuances, that tell a story within any given location. Using  just one camera and simply blending into the background. Capturing all the details that happen around me. This kind of "fly on the wall" approach is very natural and doesn't feel contrived in any way.


 My approach to shooting your session.

After our initial consultation I turn up at your premises at the agreed time and along with the designated co-ordinator we look at the locations where you would like me to shoot.

If you are looking to photograph all your employees, staff, or members of the workforce, then I would politely request a suitable space be made available, perhaps in a corner of a room. Here I can assemble my portable studio consisting of two umbrellas or softboxes on stands, a tripod plus a backdrop if required. I probably need around 30/40 minutes to set-up my equipment this includes dialling in the camera settings.

All your employees are responsible for their own appearance, make-up and hair etc . .

Its really easy honest and I wont make you say "cheese"

Using my years of experience I will patiently give everyone basic direction in regards to correct posture and posing techniques. Nothing complicated, strenuous or contrived.

I do completely understand that most people don't enjoy having their photograph taken. Many of my previous and indeed existing clients have commented on and will attest to the fact that my people and organisational skills are very good. I am used to dealing with people, large or small groups. Please do not worry, your staff are in good hands.

I've done this thousands of times before.

Once I'm all set up then its pretty straightforward. The individual shots realistically should take no more than a couple of minutes each. I do make adjustments along the way if need be.
If there are exterior locations then I will have a quick look around to source suitable backdrops for your images.
If you require workplace photography then that's not an issue, I can just be left to my own devices.


Whatever your requirements whatever your budget. Here at corporate headshot photographers in UK I have the perfect package that will ensure your day runs smoothly without interruption to your workplace environment.

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